What You Can Expect From Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center — No Matter The Make Of Your Vehicle

If you are ever in a collision, you need a reliable team with a commitment to getting you back on the road as soon as possible. Nothing can disrupt your life so much as not having a functioning vehicle. Navigating the insurance and transporting your vehicle to a Shop for repair can be sources of enormous stress. The pressure to have your vehicle repaired quickly can lead you to select the nearest, most convenient shop. However, not all collision centers are equal. In this article we’ll let you know what you can expect from Bruce Chevrolet Collision center in case your vehicle ever needs serious repairs.

What You Can Expect from Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center

Every day you entrust the safety of your family to the reliability of your vehicle. It is important to choose a collision center that understands the value of that vehicle, and its importance to you and your whole family, as they work to restore it to a pre-loss state or better.

The Highest Standards

Many people believe that they need to return their vehicle to the original dealer to get the best service. However, the Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center is an I-Car gold certified center. The I-Car gold certification represents the highest industry standard and ensures you will receive excellent service no matter what the make or model of your vehicle.

Help Navigating the Details

After a collision, you need a shop that will help you shoulder the responsibilities of arranging alternate transportation, doing necessary paperwork, and figuring out insurance. Not only does the work on your vehicle need to be perfect: it needs to be done fast. Sometimes, insurance agents try to pressure individuals to go to collision centers that offer substandard service. The Bruce Chevrolet Collision center prides itself on helping to educate their customers to ensure they get the best treatment from their insurance by letting them know their rights.

Great Customer Service

Great customer service is the first component of a thoughtful and helpful collision center. From the moment you first get on the phone with us, you will be treated with courtesy, understanding, and respect. Our customer service staff is there to answer questions you might have and will do everything they can to make sure all of your needs are attended promptly.

Knowledgeable Mechanics

We are proud of our I-Car gold rating: the industry standard for quality service. The I-Car gold rating ensures that our mechanics have received extensive training on the proper procedures for repairing all vehicles and that our shop is equipped with the correct tools and equipment to guarantee the best service. Only a small fraction of shop meet the rigorous standards of the gold class..

Vehicle Restored to Pre-Loss Condition

Some still believe that once a vehicle is in an accident, it will never be as good. However, with proper technique, rigorous testing, and the latest in restorative equipment, we can restore your vehicle to a pre-loss state. We understand that the safety features of your vehicle protects you as you travel at highway speeds and in adverse weather. Our diagnostic testing allows us to ensure your vehicle will once again be as safe or safer than the day you drove it off the lot.

Nothing Less Than the Best

A reliable vehicle ensures gives you maximum protection from poor weather or reckless drivers. At the Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center we pride ourselves on helping our customers manage every step of the process from navigating insurance to restoring their vehicle to that level of protection. If you’ve been involved in a collision, contact the Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center and let us help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

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