We Work On All Makes All Models

WE work on all makes all models


If you are searching for a top-of-the-line auto body shop, look no further than our Chevrolet dealership. Although the primary focus of our dealership is repairing, maintaining, and fixing Chevrolet vehicles, we also feature an auto body shop that is ideally equipped to work on all makes and models.

And we want everyone out there to know about the sophistication of our services. Most consumers don’t have time to do a lot of research on auto body shops when they need work done. They may simply settle for going to any auto body shop recommended by the insurance company.

When you are having your vehicle repaired by just any shop, buyer beware. They may use inferior aftermarket parts, equipment, and techniques that degrade the vehicle far from its original value. Although the vehicle may appear to be fixed, it may not last very long if it is assembled using inferior parts and techniques.

How Does Our Dealership Offer Premium Service for All Makes and Models?

The face of automotive repair is changing at every level. Those legendary dinosaurs that once ruled the roads are becoming extinct. Today’s vehicles are technological innovations rather than mere marvels of mechanical engineering.

In fact, nearly every facet of today’s automobile is integrated with technology. And all these systems work together in harmony to create an ultra-refined ride that is safer and stronger than vehicles of the past.

Nevertheless, the new lightweight materials and sophisticated safety systems available in today’s market require special training to handle. Auto body shops that fail to keep up with the times will find themselves unable to take on a large volume of work.

In truth, only the 10 to 20 percent of Gold-certified I-Car body shops will be able to handle the late-model vehicles. And our Chevy dealership sends all of our auto body techs for monthly training to retain their I-Car certifications. This gives us a huge advantage over car shops that are still operating in the Stone Age.

The new plastics, lightweight exotic metals, and sophisticated computer systems require special tools to reinstall or repair. You can’t even weld the exotic lightweight steel alloys that are appearing in new vehicles, such as BMWs.

Our dealership is well invested in special equipment, such as Smart Welders, to identify exotic alloys and to dial in the right welding temperatures and methods. These exotic metals are so strong that even the traditional jaws of life cannot tear through them in a car accident.

Although this can hamper rescue efforts, it has become a goal of car manufacturers to make their vehicles safer in crashes without bulking up the metal. The use of lightweight steel alloys with high tensile strength allow manufacturers to use more composite molds of carbon fiber and ABS plastics.

This lowers the costs of production and helps car manufacturers to increase fuel economy by installing smaller engines in lighter vehicles. Which, in turn, creates a higher power-to-weight ratio that can make even a large vehicle feel lithe and fast like a sports car. In fact, this is the secret behind the nimble handling of so many large trucks and crossover SUVs that are coming to the market.

And because all this auto body engineering crosses over between manufacturers with slight variations, our auto body technicians can work on anything. They are not limited to Chevy models. Indeed, even our in-house maintenance and repair departments can work on any vehicle, not just Chevrolet models.

All of our techs come from backgrounds with extensive experience working on all makes all models. This type of heritage background is fundamental to mastering their specific automotive fields. Those who get involved in auto body generally like to fabricate materials and weld. They like the challenge of a larger project and laying down paint.

Auto body is truly a form of auto repair that attracts some of the most talented workers. And our certified auto body techs are among the best around. When you consider the costs involved in even repairing a small fender-bender on a late-model Mercedes-Benz, it is easy to see why having experience makes a big difference.

A lot of general repair shops and outdated body shops are afraid to touch these vehicles. They simply can’t deal with all the technology and put something back together that is fully functional and safe.

Of course, we can’t say that everyone is falling behind because there are other shops in the state that do meet the Gold-certified I-Car standards. But because we are right in your neck of the woods, we feel that we can provide the most advanced skills in precisely repairing your vehicle.

What Types of Vehicles Do We Fix?

At our Chevrolet dealership, we fix all makes all models. There is no exception. Whether you have a Lotus, a Bugatti, or an old Ford Pinto, we’ll be happy to take a look and provide you with an estimate. Our technicians are confident in their skill sets and have the extensive background in working with all the latest materials to get the job done right.

And that is what you should expect for the money that you pay for insurance or restoring a special vehicle. It is easy for shops that aren’t trained and tech-savvy to waste too much time. If they don’t know how to repair and assess the damages of complex computer systems and materials that are integrated into your vehicle, it takes a very long time for them to get over the learning curve.

Although information and tools are available to any shop, it is hard to make sense of the processes without the proper training. This exclusive training is what makes auto body repairs at our dealership the right choice. You want anyone working on your vehicle to have a complete and confident understanding of the engineering, not just how to lay down some sealant, paint, or Bondo.

Our technicians are taught how these vehicles are designed and know the trade secrets to repairing them the right way. Whether laser alignment tools are necessary or special types of epoxy that are stronger than steel, only an auto body technician with advanced training will have the skills that are required for a perfect repair.

How Else Are Vehicles Becoming Hard to Repair?

One of the latest issues to shake up the auto body field is the increasing use of dissimilar metals. The problem with using metals, such as aluminum and steel, together in one application is the heavy risk of cross-contamination. When bits of steel get into aluminum, it will lead to rapid corrosion. The aluminum will start to disintegrate and become chalky.

Even the tools can transfer these contaminants because the particles simply have to be transferred at a microscopic level. Using the same tools to work on dissimilar metals can have disastrous effects to the integrity of the repair. So many of the vehicles, such as Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Acura, and Subaru are using dissimilar metals. The Ford F-150 boasts of its new 500 lb. reduction in curb weight, thanks to the use of aluminum panels on a steel frame.

Even replacing a windshield, one of the common pieces damaged in any car accident, can lead to cross-contamination, disintegration, and water leaks. And once water leaks in through the windshield seals, it doesn’t take long for the whole electrical system to go haywire and permanently immobilize the vehicle. Trust our shop to ensure that the integrity of your vehicle remains intact and that cross-contamination, inter alia, is not an issue.