Frame Measuring Systems

Frame Measuring Systems

Frame measuring systems

Frame measuring systems are three-dimensional system that measure underbody and upper body dimensions in height,length and with. It is important to measure the vehicle both prior to and during the repairs to ensure accuracy. The measurement data is attached to the vehicle damage and shared with the customer at time of vehicle pick-up.

Side Sway-

Side sway occurs when there is a side impact to the front or rear of the vehicle,which causes the opposite side of the vehicle to move away from the impact force. To Identify side sway,locate the center line of the vehicle and visually check if the side that is opposite of the impact is off center from the rest of the vehicle

Sag –

Sag occurs when there is a vertical misalignment that results in an incorrect underbody alignment. To inspect for sag-look for sunken or buckled area will be most prominent near the top surface of the upper side rails, and may continue through the upper rails.


Collapse, also known as mash, occurs when a section of the underbody has been shortened in length by either a front or rear impact. To identify collapse, inspect the length off the zero line to a predetermined location or symmetrical bolt. Also inspect the vehicle crush zones to determine where the damage has ended. Crush zones are designed to absorb the initial impact to move the force of energy away from the occupant


Twist is a condition where the sides of the underbody plane (datum) are not parallel. To determine if a vehicle has twist damage, measure the length, width, and height dimensions for proper fit and finish. Also inspect the panels to ensure they align with the adjacent panels. This type of condition occurs commonly in full frame vehicles and unibody vehicles.


Diamond condition occurs when there is an impact to one corner of the vehicle that pushes the entire side of the vehicle out of square. To Identify this type of structural damage, Use a three dimensional measuring system to determine how far back or forward the impact side of the vehicle has moved in comparison to the other side. Diamond damage is most commonly found on full frame vehicle, However: it may occur in unibody vehicles if the force of impact is severe.

After using a Frame measuring system if we had to make any pulls on the frame we also need to do a wheel alignment to make sure everything is straight

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Frame Measuring System