Collision Repair Process

  • An estimate is prepared we will walk you around your vehicle and talk about the damage that we are able to see prior to the disassembling phase
  • Owner authorizes the repairs and alternate transportation is arranged- if needed
  • Insurance company approval is requested, we will help you work with your insurance company from start to finish ensuring that all your repairs are completed and you are satisfied with the process
  • Vehicle is disassembled and inspected by our highly skilled and qualified collision repair specialists
  • An supplement is made if additional damage is found after the disassembling process- if we see any additional damage to your vehicle we will contact you to go over our additional findings
  • Repair schedule is established
  • Order parts for your vehicle
  • All body and structural repairs are completed
  • Mechanical repairs are completed OR over to our mechanical shop to repair mechanical issues
  • Initial corrosion protection and primer is applied
  • Vehicle is prepped for paint
  • Base color is applied in a multi-step process
  • Clear coat finish is applied in a multi-step process
  • Reassembling of your vehicle occurs and adjustments such as an alignment may be done
  • Road test and all final adjustments to your vehicle are done
  • We will do a courtesy wash and vacuum
  • Were all done! We will give you a call and you can pick up your vehicle!