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Body Shops Near Portland

Body Shops Near Portland

There are few inevitabilities in life, but one of those is that if you drive on a regular basis, you will undoubtedly be involved in an accident.

As long as everyone involved is okay and unhurt, the rest is easy to deal with. Especially when you are in need of a body shop near Portland and you have a dependable shop to turn to. If you are in the Portland, OR area, you can depend on the Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center.

What Body Shops are near Portland, OR?

There are a litany of options when it comes to body shops in the Portland area, but there is only one shop that provides reliability at the level that you deserve: Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center.

Bruce Chevrolet has been providing the best customer service available for 38 years in the Portland area, even sporting the slogan “Bruce is a name you know and trust!” They are a Gold Class collision repair business, indicating that the technicians employed are trained in the proper repair techniques and procedures that contribute to the complete and safe repair of any vehicle that comes into their shop.

Also required of being a Gold Class collision shop is that the technicians involved in collision repair are required to take ongoing training every year. Those courses are about new vehicle technologies and the latest repair techniques.

Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center is among only 10 percent of collision repair businesses to achieve Gold Class status. Those who are not Gold Class certified shops may train minimally or not at all. Gold Class shops – like Bruce Chevrolet – are trained on how to fix vehicles right, on what can be repaired and what needs to be replaced and on how to see damage that may not be easily seen.

Bruce Chevrolet offers a litany of services to suit whatever repairs that your car may need. They run diagnostic scans to get a better understanding of what may be wrong with your vehicle and what the manufacturer guidelines are in regards to the repair of the issue.

They also follow manufacturer guidelines based on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) information. These are guidelines set out by the manufacturer that are essentially standards set by the manufacturer to insure that the highest level of quality is maintained when the vehicle is either being repaired or serviced by a facility.

Bruce Chevrolet follows a collision process that entails the following:

  • An estimate is prepared while you are shown the damage that has been done to the vehicle.
  • After authorization by the vehicle owner, the insurance company is contacted for approval.
  • The vehicle is disassembled and inspected by repair specialists.
  • Repair is scheduled and parts are ordered.
  • All body and structural repairs are completed.
  • Mechanical repairs are then completed and a corrosion protect and primer is applied.
  • Vehicle is repainted and the vehicle is reassembled, with adjustments made to finalize the repair process.
  • Road testing and a courtesy cleaning are applied
  • You are done!

You can’t beat the service that Bruce Chevrolet provides!

Body Shops Near Portland
Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center
1084 SW Oak Street, Building B, Hillsboro, OR 97123

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Body Shops Near Portland Body Shops Near Portland
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