Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center: Leading the Way in Car Accident Repair

If you’ve been in a car accident, your next step can make all the difference between buying a new car and having a car that’s good as new. That step is getting your car in the hands of a qualified repair team at a collision center. Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center has been leading the way in Hillsboro car accident repair for over thirty-five years and stands ready to help.

Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center is a Gold Class collision repair facility, which means you can trust your car is in the hands of trained technicians who know how to restore severely damaged cars to full and safe repair. Fewer than ten percent of auto body facilities are Gold Class certified, which means your car is in the best hands possible.

Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center is one of the most all-encompassing Hillsboro car accident repair businesses in the Oregon area. We offer auto body repair, replacement for all damaged parts, glass and paint restoration, and towing services. Read on to discover what you can expect when you bring your car to the best Hillsboro car accident repair center.

The Collision Repair Process at Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center

The more you know, the smoother the collision repair process will be. Even if this is your first time dealing with car accident repairs, knowing what to expect will let you take charge of your car’s future. Every car accident repair job involves a skilled group of workers including analysts, body experts, and detail technicians to restore the car from the ground up.

Before the Repair Process

The collision repair process begins at the scene of the car accident. Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center offers towing services, so a seriously damaged car can be brought safely to our repair center with no middleman. Before moving the car, the damage should be documented.

Once the car is in our shop, our estimators get to work analyzing the damage and preparing an estimate of the costs. We then bring the estimate to the client and to the insurance agency, and once negotiations are complete parts are ordered and work on the car can begin.

The Body Repair Process

Work on your car begins with dissembling and re-inspecting your car to make sure no damage has gone unnoticed. A supplemental report is formed by our analysts based on the secondary inspections before structural and body repairs are made.

New panels are installed, and the area is primed, sealed, and has anti-corrosion protections added. The car is then inspected again to make sure all work meets safety regulations and is up to our high standards of quality.

The Surface Repair Process

Once the structure is complete, the vehicle is readied for painting. The color scheme and design will be determined with the customer if any differences from the previous design are wanted. The car is chemically cleaned, pressure washed, sanded, and sealed before painted.

Using water-based paint delivered with an eco-friendly system, multiple coats of paint are applied and re-finished. We then reassemble the vehicle, align the wheels, and perform all needed detailing. After a final inspection and test drive, your car is returned in pre-accident condition.

Your One-Stop Shop for Hillsboro Car Accident Repair

Every car accident is stressful, but it can be less so when you and your car are in the hands of a trusted Gold Class collision repair center. From the accident scene to when you drive your repaired car off our site, our qualified technicians work with you every step of the way. You can trust that your car will be returned to you as good as or better than it was before the crash.

For all your car accident repair needs, contact Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center for more information or to get your car repaired today.

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