The safety of you and your family is extremely important, seeing what’s ahead is important! A crack or chip may be small and inconvenient to try and see through, and  if the crack is large enough it may jeopardize the structural integrity of your vehicles roof. Fixing small chips and cracks is important as they may start out small but can grow and become a bigger and more expensive problem!  

Advantages of windshield repair..

  1. Be kind to the environment! Get your windshield repaired if possible, windshields aren’t recyclable.
  2. Repairs will have you back on the road faster than a complete replacement.
  3. And, a repair is cheaper!

You need to replace your windshield when the damage to the glass is too large for repair or completely penetrates through the double layers of glass that make up your windshield.  It’s important to replace large cracks/holes because, if a trauma such as a high wind or a large object hitting it; it could shatter your windshield. Check with your insurance to see if it covers windshield repairs and replacement, keep yourself and your family safe and take proper steps to having your windshield taken care of.