Auto Accessories

Auto Accessories

One of the joys of owning your own automobile, Is being able to customize it with whatever auto accessories you may desire. There are so many different types of aftermarket and stock auto accessories out on the market today that it can be hard to decide on the best investments for your money. Let’s consider what is available to help you decide which products may be the most beneficial for you.

Universal Auto Accessories

When it comes to accessories that anyone can install, things like window tint, bug deflectors, and even a clear bra come to mind. These are all inexpensive items that can serve a purpose in the daily driving of any car owner. The beauty of universal auto accessories is that they can usually be resold or reused infinitely to retain their maximum value.

Window Tint

Window tint is valuable because it can save your interior from premature fading and overheating in the summer. When a vehicle overheats, the interior components may even emit toxic chemicals like formaldehyde that were left over from the manufacturing process. Tints also protect occupants of the vehicle from UVA and UVB sun damage. If you are someone who commutes a lot, the chances of developing cancer on the left side of your face and premature aging are increased significantly by UV radiation damage.

Tinting can also help reduce your fuel consumption. Because they keep the car cooler in the summer, you will not have to rely as much on your engine powering your air conditioning system. Another added benefit is crash protection. You can protect yourself from shattering glass fragments getting into your eyes and also protect yourself from flying through the window during an accident.

The tints available on the market today are easier to see out of while still retaining superior solar protection. Tints are available for even the front windshield that provide maximum clarity for both day and night driving while still retaining complete opacity. These types of cars usually contain high-profile government officials and celebrities who require a cloak of secrecy. Yet, anyone can drive a blacked-out tinted super stealth vehicle if their local laws allow it.

As said, the only complication with tinting your windows is regional ordinances on how much visibility is allowed in your state or town. If something is legal in your state, however, you should have no problems driving with a darker tint when you drive interstate. It is impractical for law enforcement to expect car owners to modify vehicles that are legal in their hometowns when simply passing through an area.

Bug Deflectors

Bug deflectors are a must if you are someone who does a lot of highway driving. You can pass through swarms of bugs and have them gum up your window and hood in just a matter of minutes. Because they are easy to install and affordable, it makes sense to buy a bug deflector instead of stopping to scrub those gooey bugs off your windshield every few hours.

Clear Bra

A clear bra is just one type of paint protection film that is available on the market. You can now purchase paint protection films to cover your entire car. Most people don’t require that much protection and would rather weigh the balances and put the protective clear thermoplastic film over high-wear areas like the hood or front fascia.

Paint protection is a necessity if you want to protect the value of your paint. It does not have to be removed before you wash your car like a traditional vinyl car bra. The leather and vinyl car bras that were once popular have a habit of trapping debris underneath and damaging the paint.

The clear thermoplastic paint protection films available today are like an extra durable coating of clear coat. The natural color of your vehicle shines through but is under a thicker coating of protection from scratches, road debris, chips, bugs, tree sap, acid rain, and tar. In fact, paint protection film is an investment that pays for itself when it comes time to resell your vehicle or trade it in.

Fender Flares

Fender flares work even more effectively than paint protection film to deflect the debris kicked up by your tires. Oversized fender flares are generally inexpensive and can save your vehicle from chipped paint and rust. They are a great investment if you would like to hold onto the vehicle for a long time.


There are numerous upgraded grille styles available on the aftermarket for your vehicle. You can go badgeless and have a grille that does not feature a logo on it. You can also find grilles that have different styles of logos and that are made of different materials such as chrome or blackout finishes. These are one of the fun decorative customizations that anyone can do.

Grille Guards

Investing in a grille guard will give your vehicle a rugged utilitarian aesthetic. The bull bar or grille guard is designed to reduce the impact of glancing blows to the front end. This will reduce the costs of repairs if you are involved in a low-speed collision. The guards are particularly useful for deflecting damage from deer and other animals. They can also protect your vehicle from rocks being kicked up and high grasses. Grille guards are also easy to install because they usually bolt right onto the factory mounting points of your bumper and other front-end subframe components.


You can add mudguards to your vehicle, AKA mud flaps, to keep your vehicle from rusting out if you do a lot of traveling or driving on rough terrain. Mudguards are seen on every big rig out there because the small investment can save a trucker from having to replace very expensive body parts. Your wheels can act like a virtual sandblaster when they contact road debris by kicking it up into the underbody and eroding the paint. If that paint gets chipped, oxidation will begin and start to spread like a cancer. After that point, no body shop will be able to give you a warranty if you do need a rust repair because rust has a habit of coming back.

Running Boards

Retractable running boards are the best auto accessories that you can get if you own a truck. Running boards are important because they make it easy for people to get in and out of your truck. Crashing down on your joints and overextending yourself to get into a vehicle can lead to injuries and chronic pain down the line. The retractable running boards are better because they help your vehicle retain a sleeker profile and are less likely to build up ice in cold weather because the surface is obscured. They are also something that will impress prospective buyers when it comes time to sell that truck