6 Trends You May Have Missed about Auto Body Shops

Auto body shops  have changed over the years. As with any business market, changes in product, customer expectation and good business practices create an ever-evolving consumer experience. After a collision, auto body shops are there to get us back on the road quickly and safely. Being without a vehicle is a major impediment to keeping up with your daily routine. If you haven’t been into an auto body shop for a while, you might not have heard about the recent trends in the business designed to serve your auto body needs better.

Auto Body Shops in Hillsboro

When you have a collision, you want to get back on the road as soon as possible. Modern auto body shops have adopted a lot of unique new business practices that can help them provide better service to their customers. Improvements in technology and safety features have made the roads safer now than they have ever been. But when a collision happens, you should know what you can expect from a good auto body shop.

Here is a list of seven trends you may have missed in auto body shops:

  • Improved diagnostics
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Certification
  • Safer vehicles
  • More upkeep
  • Laser headlights
  • More social media interaction

Improved Diagnostics

Although modern vehicles are more complicated, it has never been easier to diagnose a potential problem area. Modern diagnostic scans give mechanics tremendous insight into the viability of your vehicle. It is always better to identify a problem area before it turns into a major issue. Modern diagnostic scans give mechanics tremendous insight into how your vehicle is functioning.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Going to auto body shops in Hillsboro can be like going to your favorite coffee shop. There are usually snacks as well as a variety of delicious coffees to choose from. Most auto body shops have a dedicated waiting area with comfortable seating, television, and magazines. Most companies have also improved their customer service providers so you can be assured of polite and informed interactions.


The complexity of modern vehicles requires more training for the mechanics who work in the service industry. The I-Car Gold certificate indicates that the mechanics of an auto body shop are up to date with the proper education and techniques necessary to work on any vehicle.

Safer Vehicles

New vehicle safety features have changed the nature and probability of collisions. Catastrophic collisions are less likely, and autocorrect driving and braking features mean that now, more than ever, your vehicle is equipped to avoid or minimize the damage of a collision.

More Upkeep

It is important to project an image of success, and modern individuals are much less likely to drive a vehicle with a cosmetic blemish. Auto body shops are well versed in fixing minor dents or scrapes efficiently and affordably. Your vehicle is a reflection of you, and auto body shops in Hillsboro make sure that you’ll always look your best.

More Social Media Interaction

More and more auto body shops are taking advantage of user interaction with social media. It’s important to follow your preferred auto body shops as they will often advertise discounts or provide coupons for certain types of work. Social media allows modern auto body shops more direct interaction with their customers.

Auto Body Shop Trends

The auto body industry evolves just like any other industry. Advances in modern vehicles have made them safer, which has changed the auto body industry as a whole. Social media has changed how customers interact with businesses. Customers have high expectations, and it’s important for all auto body shops to meet those expectations. If you are looking for auto body shops in Hillsboro, talk to the friendly folks over at the Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center. Their certified, friendly staff can offer you the best advice to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

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