5 Incredible Things About Paintless Dent Repair You May Not Have Known

Nothing is more irritating that going back to your vehicle after a shopping trip only to discover a dent somewhere on the body. Dents are not only unsightly, but they can reduce the resale value of your vehicle. Paintless dent repair can fix these unsightly dents faster and better than previous methods.

The traditional method of repairing dents meant removing the panel to hammer out the dent or filling in the dent and repainting the surface. These procedures are both expensive and time consuming. Paintless dent repair can restore your vehicle to its original state at a fraction of the time and cost.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is a faster, more economical, and more effective way of removing a dent. If you have a dent in your vehicle, it’s worth consulting with your local mechanic to see if paintless dent repair is a good option for restoring your car. Here are some facts about PDR that you might not have known:

Shape Memory

Vehicle construction involves stamping exterior panels into an aerodynamic shape. Once the panels have been stamped, the metal keeps a shape memory. Even when a panel receives a dent, that shape memory remains. PDR technicians apply pressure to the panel and attempt to pop the dent back out of the metal. In many cases, this happens quickly and easily.

Panels Don’t Need to Be Removed

PDR technicians are able to work their magic while the panels remain on the vehicle. This dramatically cuts down on repair time as it does not require tedious removal, preparation, repair and restoration of vehicle panels. If your vehicle is a candidate for PDR repair, this will be the most affordable and best overall choice of action for getting your car looking perfect again.

Restore Your Vehicle to Its Previous State

PDR restores your vehicle to its previous state rather than just covering up the dent. This is key because the shape memory of your panels provide structural support for your vehicle. The safety and performance ratings of your vehicle refer to the performance of an unblemished body. PDR restores your vehicle to its factory condition and ensures the greatest safety performance. Not only is this safer for you, but it means better resale value if you trade or sell your vehicle later.

No Painting

Filling in a dent requires sanding and painting, which can become very expensive due to the special nature of car and truck paints. PDR does not disrupt the factory finish, and there is no evidence that anyone worked on the car at all. PDR helps to maintain your vehicle’s value by removing a dent with an unintrusive procedure that does not compromise the body.

It’s Inexpensive and Fast

PDR is inexpensive because the procedure is fast and does not require multiple steps. Technicians apply inside pressure to pop the dents back out. Some jobs, like hail damage, might require more time; but as a general rule, PDR is fast. PDR is much faster than the traditional method because it does not require panel removal, preparation, restoration, and reattachment.

Is Your Dent a Candidate for PDR?

If you have a vehicle with an unsightly dent, it’s worth finding out if PDR might be a good option for you. Contact the friendly experts at Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center to schedule a consultation. Their I-Car gold shop technicians can assess whether the dent in your vehicle can be quickly, economically, and safely restored using PDR. If your issue is a good candidate for PDR, there is no better way to restore your vehicle to its original, beautiful, factory state.

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